60 Cheap And Easy DIY Upgrades To Spruce Up A Home

60 Cheap And Easy DIY Upgrades To Spruce Up A Home

If you want to spruce up your home, but don’t have a lot of time or money to work with, this list is for you. These DIY upgrades are so easy that anyone can do them. From creative new ways to hang your curtains to beautiful do-it-yourself wall art, we’ve gathered 60 fun ideas to keep you busy.

Source: Liz Marie Blog

The best part is that most of them can be completed in the course of an afternoon. In fact, some of the projects will only take a few minutes to complete, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worthwhile. Oftentimes, simple solutions are the most effective solutions. Once you check out some of these lovely home decor images for yourself, you’ll see what we mean.

1. Woven Drapes

Source: houzz

If you’re looking to mix things up with your drapes, consider basket-weaving them. It gives them a whole new appearance and should only take a few minutes to finish. Just make the appropriate holes and thread the fabric through.

2. Patterned Drapes

Source: A Thoughtful Place

Another way to spruce up drapes is to add some patterned fabric to them. Choose a fabric you like and then sew it on, or fuse it on using tape and an iron. Find out more information here.

3. Drift Wood Lamp

Source: IKEA Hackers

Make a lamp look really cool by tying some driftwood around the stand. It helps to glue each of the branches together to keep them from moving. You can also paint the original stand a beige color to hide it.

4. Shelving Coverup

Source: A Thoughtful Place

You can use tab curtains to cover up ugly shelves in your garage. It will look much more organized and all of your items will still be easy to access when you need them. Just slide the curtain to the side.

5. Origami Lampshade

Source: the 3 R’s blog

Use your origami skills to make this neat lampshade. It utilizes the simple fortune-teller fold. Just make a few hundred of the origami fortune tellers and glue them together.

6. Light Up Art

Source: Instructable

This fun city light wasn’t hard to make. They simply drew the city scene on the cheap lamp using a paint marker while using a photo as a reference. It made the lamp about one hundred times cooler.

7. Framed Door Mirrors

Source: Kevin & Amanda

Doors with built-in mirrors are expensive to purchase. However, you can also do what this woman did. She attached cheap mirrors to her closet door and painted the frames the same color so they matched.

8. Mason Jar Organizer

Source: The DIY Playbook

Make a wall organizer out of a board and mason jars. They are perfect for keeping bathroom supplies organized or cooking equipment in the kitchen. Learn how to create your own here.

9. Painted Pots

Source: Best Friends For Frosting

Upgrade your boring clay pots by painting them. This crafter went with a simple pink and white color scheme and used a piece of tape to keep the paint lines looking clean. You can paint yours however you would like.

10. Painted Vinyl Floor

Source: Designer Trapped

Turn an unsightly vinyl floor into a beautiful vinyl floor by painting stripes on it. This one used to have a weird brick pattern on it. Now it looks so much better.

11. Round Rope Mirror

Source: diys

This project is very simple to complete. The hanging rope mirrors look great when they are done. All you really have to do is attach an 8mm rope around the mirror using a hot glue gun.

12. Curtain Ribbons

Source: Home Furniture Design

One way to make curtains more fun is to attach them to the curtain rod with ribbons. Most curtains use rings or pegs. However, ribbons are both an easy and beautiful alternative.

13. Curtain Tiebacks

Source: budgetwisehome.com

Instead of going for beauty, another option is to go for a more rugged look with your curtains. This graphic recommends using an eye snap hook, a brass ring, and a cord to make rugged curtain tiebacks.

14. Mirrors Create Space In Rooms

Source: The Lettered Cottage

Here we have another tutorial for adding mirrors to doors. It is a great way to make a room look more spacious. Just frame the mirrors, paint them, and hang them up.

15. Vintage Clock

Source: L’essenziale

This project features a clock with a vintage pin-up girl on it. The clock mechanism can be bought from a store. For the face of the clock, you can use either a circular wooden board or cardboard.

16. Hiding Wires

Source: fresh crush

There are no ugly wires hanging off of this television. They hid them inside a plastic shower curtain rod cover. All that they had to do was slice the cover lengthwise and feed the cords through it.

17. Larger Windows

Source: skona hem

You can make your windows look larger by placing the curtain rods higher up. This photo shows them attached at ceiling height. It makes the windows seem much bigger than if they were hung lower.

18. Kitchen Shelves

Source: Centsational Style

Corner shelves are a good way to create more storage space in your kitchen. Almost every kitchen could use some additional shelving — both for cooking utensils and for holding decorative items.

19. Window Decoration

Source: The Steampunk Home

If you have a window that doesn’t require curtains, consider accenting it with metal brackets. These ones are actually shelf brackets. However, they fit the window frame perfectly.

20. Drawer Knobs

Source: Liz Marie Blog

An easy way to make a dresser or drawer look more stylish is by changing up the knobs. These ones were made out of clay by hand. The artist even labeled some of them to describe what was inside the drawers.

21. Cabinet Buckets

Source: Tatertots & Jello

Create some additional storage space inside cabinets by attaching buckets to the door. These ones were picked up at the Dollar Store and then attached with mounting pads. It only took a few minutes to do.

22. Stylish Shower Curtain

Source: thirtyoneladies.com

Spruce up a shower curtain by attaching it to the rod with napkin rings and ribbons. The metal rings look prettier than using the standard plastic rings made for showers. Plus, the ribbons are very elegant.

23. TV Frame

Source: Oh Me Oh My

When it comes to designing a room, televisions can often look out of place. Adding a frame around the TV helps it to blend in more with your other decorations. This blog provides multiple different framing ideas.

24. Magazine Rack

Source: White Tulip Designs

Storage space is a luxury. Yet, there are plenty of areas in many homes that are underutilized. For example, you can build a magazine rack for the side of a counter.

25. Mixed Curtains

Source: BuzzFeed

Try mixing and matching multiple different curtains for a cool effect. In this bedroom, they alternated teal and pink curtains. If you are using this technique, it’s probably best to stick to solid colors.

26. Bed Headboard

Source: Classy Clutter

Instead of using a regular old headboard for your bed, you can build your own in the course of an afternoon. This one was made from plywood. You will need to acquire a jigsaw to cut it though.

27. Door Wallpaper

Source: How About Orange

It’s possible to completely change the feel of a room by wallpapering the door. This crafter actually used patterned fabric instead of wallpaper, however. It was attached using a mixture of water and cornstarch.

28. Rug Placement

Source: Shannon Claire Interiors

When it comes to placing area rugs in rooms, most people do it wrong. It looks best if you follow the tips in this diagram. If yours is currently in the incorrect position, it is a pretty simple change to make.

29. Bed Canopy

Source: Caleb Anderson Design

It’s possible to use curtain rods to build a beautiful bed canopy. There is nothing more romantic than drawing in the curtains around bed to create a cozy nook. They also help block out the sunlight in the morning.

30. Painted Doormat

Source: Vixen Made

This person took a plane grey doormat and added some colour to it with paint. The red crisscrossing lines made it a lot more interesting. It was a very creative idea.

31. Fridge Designs

Source: The Everygirl

Give a worn-out refrigerator new life by covering it in washi tape. The tape is more durable than masking tape and often comes in various colours and patterns. If you are feeling really bold, you can use spray paint.

32. Slide-Out Drawer

Source: Grillo Designs

Utilize the space under your bed for additional storage by making a slide-out drawer on wheels. The drawers are great for young children’s bedrooms. You can use it to store all of their toys.

33. Cork Bath Mat

Source: Crafty Nest

Most bath mats are made of some sort of fabric. However, why not use corks? It is a material that is both absorbent and dries very fast. Just glue all of the corks together with a hot glue gun.

34. Faux Garage Door Windows

Source: Two Peas In A Bucket

Most garage doors don’t come with windows. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it look like there are windows. All it takes is a little bit of tape and paint.

35. Painted Ceilings

Source: Francesco Lagnese

Paint your ceiling a dark color to make the room feel more spacious. The ceiling will look much higher, especially if you paint down the walls a few feet as well. It’s a great hack for adding depth.

36. Postcard Collage

Source: How About Orange

If your wall is looking a little bare, try hanging up some new decorative items. This crafter made their own piece of art out of postcards mounted on a foam board. It is essentially a collage.

37. Yarn Bedskirt

Source: Sister’s Suitcase

Add some yarn tassels to the side of your bedspread to really make it pop. The tassels are very easy to make. Just follow the instructions here.

38. Framed Bathroom Mirror

Source: Southern Hospitality Blog

Framing the mirror in the bathroom will help to make it look more finished. It’s much better than just attaching the mirror to a hook and leaving it be. You can match the frame color and style with the design scheme of the room.

39. Photo Display Sign

Source: Andrea Nelsworth

Instead of tucking all of your photos away in a scrapbook, an alternative option is to hang them on the wall. This crafter made a cool display using a board and a few clothespins. If they ever want to change out the pictures, it’s not hard.

40. Cake Stand Idea

Source: My Home Look Book

Put a cake stand next to the sink to hold your soaps, sponges, and other cleaning items. It will keep puddles and sticky messes from ending up on the counter. Just change out the cloth underneath the soaps from time to time.

41. Decorative Switch Plate

Source: Washi Tape Crafts

Decorative light switch plates can be made using washi tape. Take a couple of different patterns of tape and layer them on.

42. Colored Door Edge

Source: Radical Possibility

We never would have thought of adding color to the edge of a door, however, it’s a fantastic idea. Not only is it fun, but it also makes the door more noticeable when it is open so you don’t accidentally bump into it.

43. Air Vent cover

Source: Curb Alert

This air vent cover used to be a rubber doormat. Then it was repurposed. We have to say, it does an excellent job of making the ugly air vent more attractive.

44. Gold Accents

Source: That Blissful Babe

You might not be rich, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your place look fancy. Try adding gold accents to things like drawer handles or frames to give your house a more luxurious appearance.

45. Pretty Wooden Hangers

Source: Live Loe DIY

Beautify plain clothes hangers by adding some color and designs to them. The patterned ones were decoupaged using Modge Podge and wrapping paper. The others were simply spray painted.

46. Painted Air Vents

Source: Pinterest

It’s amazing what a little metallic spray paint can do for an old air vent. After the coat of paint was applied, it practically looked brand new again. Years of use disappeared in minutes.

47. Curtain Divider

Source: Greenbox

If you live in a one-room studio apartment, you can divide up the room using a curtain. It will make the bed feel like it’s in its own room and provides some additional privacy if you have company over.

48. Floating Bookcase

Source: Darn Crafty

Unused corners next to doors are a great place to tuck away a small bookshelf. This floating bookcase fits perfectly there. Get more information about how to make your own here.

49. Accented Ceilings

Source: Remodelaholic

Molding is normally reserved for the base of walls. However, ceilings can be given some character with molding too. Wrap the pieces around the edges of the room to completely transform it.

50. Map Wallpaper

Source: DIY Network

World travelers will love this one. You can make a backsplash for your kitchen or another room out of a global map. It’s an easy project that should only take about half a day to complete.

51. Balloon Drapery

Source: Soft Surroundings

Try using a shower curtain rod to make a window appear bigger. The curved shape gives it a grander appearance. It certainly takes up more space. The curtains flow all the way to the floor.

52. Pullout Food Shelf

Source: Classy Clutter

Most people would never think to use the space behind the fridge. There is not much that can fit back there. However, you can make a pullout food shelf to put behind it as this person did.

53. Faux Stainless Steel

Source: DIY Network

This refrigerator isn’t actually stainless steel. It just looks that way! You too can update your kitchen and make it look more professional. All it takes is a couple of cans of stainless steel paint.

54. Cheap Baseboards

Source: The House Of Smiths

This tutorial shows how to make your baseboards extra big without buying any additional molding. They simply added a single strip above the first layer of molding and then painted the space in between to match.

55. Half-Painted Walls

Source: At Home In Love

Make your ceilings look higher by only painting the wall halfway. Then paint the rest of the wall the same color as the ceiling. It’s a cool trick that is very effective.

56. Suede Cord Cover

Source: House Tweaking

The black or white electrical cords that are attached to most electronics aren’t very stylish. They often clash with the other decorations in the room. One good technique for improving their appearance is to make a suede cord cover.

57. Planked Wall

Source: Fox Hollow Cottage

This wall was covered with fence board planks to give it a rustic cottage feel. They were then painted white. However, you can also stain the wood as well for a more natural-looking finish.

58. Kitchen Tiles

Source: Smart Tiles

Use gel tiles to add some texture to your kitchen backsplash. These 3D black, white, and gray ones are actually peeled and stick. It takes no special skill to apply them to the wall.

59. Window Shade

Source: charmingzebra.com

This lovely window shade is both magnetic and moveable. All you have to do is attach the little magnets to the edges of various windows around your house and their counterparts to the edges of the piece of fabric.

60. Refinished Furniture

Source: Frugal Flourish

This dresser looks great, but it wasn’t always that way. The crafter actually stripped off all of the old finish, then re-stained it. It was surprisingly easy to do.

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Source: Bright Side